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Tuesday, September 1, 2009



So I've set this up in the interest of putting up occasional news about goings on music-wise... 

So here's the first hit:

I've put up some new music on myspace, two newish pieces, the first "Sixes and Sevens" is a excerpt of a 25 minute or so piece, which was roughly recorded live a few months ago in Kilternan National Church by Paul Vogel. It was a long day with no heating, but it was a really good experience. And I'm very proud to have recorded with such great musicians, some of my favourite! 

The recording also features 
David Lacey: Percussion 
Chris Hladowski: Bouzouki 
Ailbhe Nic Oireachtaigh: Viola 

It looks like we'll be going into a studio to have another shot at recording it some time in the near future, but I think this stands as a good document for the moment. 

And then the other song is two older songs "Abyssal Plain/The Ceremony" meshed together. It was recorded last October in Boston on a fine Thursday morning for WMBR college radio. Glenn Jones kindly lent us the guitar for the tour, and I think it sounds great on this recording.

To be found here: 

In other news I've recently started playing bass with Limerick band Sea Dog and we played our first gig as a fourpiece two weeks ago. Expect more Sea Dogging in the near future... A video excerpt of the gig is up here:

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